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    We are grateful so many solar companies have come to our beautiful island in response to natural disasters with great solar solutions but why not choose a local company that is qualified and knows the ins and outs of doing business here. You can be assured that our profits stay in Puerto Rico helping our economy.



  • Step 1

    System Sizing: If you currently have electricity we will need a full copy of your power bills so that we can calculate the size of system you need. For a new build, we estimate size. We upsize wires so that if you need more panels it is as easy as adding a few panels.

    Step 2

    Site Analysis: We meet with you at your property to inspect your electrical panel, do a shade analysis and go over the options of where you want your solar.

    Step 3

    Design & Engineering: We will design a solar system that meets your approval plus local and federal codes. We design the system taking into consideration hurricanes and caustic air and loss prevention.

    Step 4

    Permit: We apply for all local and utility applications needed to install your solar system​

    Step 5

    Installation: We install your solar system to the utmost standards of industry taking into consideration local conditions.

    Step 6

    System Commisioning: We perform a system walk through with you explaining how everything works and how to turn the system on and off.


    Solair Energy has worked with a diverse set of non-profit, for-profit, foreign and local clients. Working with professionals from top-tier solar companies around the world enables us to bring you the right solutions that fit locally at the best prices. We are not here to get the most money out of each project as we live here and plan on designing and installing solar for years to come. We have some of the top solar pioneers as mentors that we can depend on to answer any questions that might arise.

    Let us present and educate you on how solar can be instrumental in saving money on electricity while adding security during power outages. Contact us to go over your solar options.

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  • Residential Solar

    Solar allows the homeowner to take control of their energy expenses and needs. We offer grid-tied, off-grid, and backup power solar solutions.

    Commercial Solar

    If your business is dependant on electricity solar is a great solution. When the grid goes down and you can not get fuel for generators solar becomes one of the best options.

    Phone Charging Stations

    Solar charging stations for phones can be critical when power is down. It allows residents to charge phone and tablets for communication.

    Solar Street Lights

    Solar street lights can be installed just about anywhere without the worry of connecting to the grid.

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